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At a recent conversation of the BMW Riders of Tampa Bay Executive Board, the issue of I.C.E. notices was discussed.

After discussing various ways for us to to gather and keep this information updated and available for any unseen emergency, the Board decided that the best way to have this information available to help you was to suggest each individual rider and passenger carry this information in case of an accident.

We suggest you place the following information in an envelope marked IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. Place the envelope in a waterproof baggie and put the baggie in you riding jacket vest pocket or side pocket. Make one for each jacket so you have this with you when you ride

The reason for using the vest pocket is that every member riding with you will know where to direct medical personal to the information.

Please consider doing this as soon as possible. In the event of an accident in which you are incapacitated this information could be invaluable in assisting in your treatment.

Your personal information should include the following:
A. Your name, address and phone number. Consider also including any medical information you may wish to share with treating medical personal if you are incapacitated and cannot communicate.

B. Include a contact name and phone number and your relationship to that person. NOTE: If you ride two up with your contact, add an additional non-riding alternate contact. Please print and fill out one personalized for your riding partner to carry as well.


Thank you,


Norine McVann, Pres.

BMW Riders of Tampa Bay 

I.C.E. document for inside jacket pocket!

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